Although there are some players who are in it simply to have fun, most of us like to play casino games in the hopes of winning big. However, most of the games in a casino are designed to give the house an advantage. Therefore, in order to beat the odds and receive a big payout, a good player must know the best casino games to make money odds wise.

When referring to casino games, the odds are a mathematical ratio that puts the probability of winning up against the probability of losing. If you have a 1:3 chance of winning it means there is a greater likelihood that you will lose the game. In gambling this can also refer to the amount of payout you will receive if you do win. If you place a bet on something that has 4:1 odds of winning, then you will receive four times the amount of money you put in if you win. Therefore, knowing which casino games are the best to make money odds wise allows you pick and choose how you spend your money.



Our Top 3 Casino Games To Make Money


Bonuses at casinos can be very complicated to understand at time.  With varying clearance requirements and restrictions on cashing the bonus out we have made it our goal to simplify this process a bit and show you the casinos with the best bonuses.


The following section covers some of our favourite picks for casinos with the best bonus offers.


  • Blackjack is one of the few games in which a skilled player can not only beat the house advantage, but also create one for himself. Blackjack remains one of the best casino games to make money odds wise because every time a card is dealt, the odds of drawing a specific card will change. This means the odds are constantly fluctuating, and if you are able to figure out what your odds are at any given time, you can strategize to win. Many casinos also offer blackjack tables and tournaments where players compete with one another instead of against the dealer. This can change the odds depending on the skill level of the rest of the players at the table. Thanks to its ever-changing odds and skill-based winning strategies, Blackjack remains one of the best casino games to make money odds wise.  Continue reading about Blackjack.



  • Most people tend to play craps arbitrarily. They put down bets at random and hope that lady luck takes care of the rest. However, each of the over 100 different bets in the game of craps has its own set of odds, making strategy a crucial element in winning the game. Knowing which bets to play and which bets have the best payout ratio can help guide your decisions and eliminate chance. Some bets give the house a very large advantage while other bets give them absolutely no advantage at all, leaving everything to the roll of the dice. Pass Line bets have a very low house advantage (in some cases as low as 0%), while bets like 7 have a huge house advantage of up to 16%. Placing smart bets that have the lowest house advantage can make craps one of the best casino games to make money odds wise.  Continue reading about Craps.


Texas Hold'em

  • Whether playing online or at a casino, Texas Hold 'Em offers one of the best player advantages - as long as the player is competing against other players instead of against the house. In this case, the player need only worry about the skill level of the others around him. This is good news if you're playing against casual gamblers and bad news if you get sat at a table with a bunch of professionals. However, since the house is only there to deal cards, pay winners and collect a small percentage of the pot, at least one person playing will go home happy every time. Odds wise, if you want to make money, Texas Hold 'Em is one of the best casino games to help you do so.  Continue reading about Texas Holdem Poker.


Something to keep in mind when searching for the best casino games to make money odds wise is this: if the house isn't present then it can't have an advantage. When playing only against other players, your advantage is always greater because the odds are mostly even. Whenever you can, find a casino that offers games like these as they are your ticket to finally winning that big jackpot.

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