Most Expensive Casino Chip Sold for $30,000!

Who knew that a $1 casino chip could increase its value by 30,000??!  So listen to this story: A woman from the United States decided that she wanted to make a little bit of pocket money by selling some of her old trinkets on ebay.  Sandy Marbs was a retired Kwik Copy worker who was living on social benefits, and wanted to supplement her income with some of her possessions. After rummaging through her jewelry box, she came across a casino chip from Vegas’ Showboat Casino, which had lying among her bits and bobs for nearly 50 years.  She uploaded the chip’s details to ebay in the $5 – $30 section and said that she would have sold it if she was offered $10 for it.

Luckily for Marbs, there are still some honest people left in this world, and casino chip collectors, who are well known experts in the world of gambling memorabilia, contacted her to warn her not to take the first offer.  They brought with them some good news – the casino chip had a market value of $15,000!  The chip had become highly collectible, as it came from one of Vegas’s most classic spots – the Showboat Casino which had been open from 1954 to 2001.

Sandy decided to act on the advice given to her by the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club, to take better pictures of the $1 chip and upload it to a different section of ebay.  Within hours, there was strong bidding for the little round piece, and it was eventually sold for a record price of nearly $30,000! The chip was bought by avid collector, Glenn Grush, who said that it would make a great addition to his collection.

This is the highest price paid in history for a $1 chip, although $100,000 was paid for a Sahara $100 chip. “There are certain chips that are considered classic rarities like in any hobby,” said President of the Collectors Club, Wayne Thompson. “Most of our almost 3000 members collect at a much lower price scale but derive the same enjoyment from the hobby.  We are truly fortunate to have such a diversity of members.”


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